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Color Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 25, 2014, 6:07 PM
The grayer and grayer it gets, the more colors I seem to need. Here's a recent picture of me and Dr. D Cat. It makes me feel better.

The following are works I chanced upon and :+fav:d; some were gathered in my thumbshare forum. Some are by extremely talented people who are my :devart: friends. 

Danisi by SayinzArt Just two blocks away by midgardart Colorful Swirls by LDFranklin MANDALA ASSIMETRICA 1 SERIE GENESIS by LIDIAMARINA:thumb298741098: Colorful Drops 13 by flowerhippie22 Je vois des vagues rouges by marya123 With Love by JaiArtz sad -al reves by gepardsim COPPERcanvas by mando-damon Layer-016 C [1024x768] by Ewillbkilledbitsch:thumb406000742: Madness Watercolour (Fixed Colors) by manbearpiglet Flowers by andr3d Metaphysics by ABlume Convergence by digitalreflexion Apocalyptic Skyline by crazyruthie Formation by dimajaber
Please show the talented creators of these works some love: check out their galleries; leave a comment; favorite their work. I personally thank each artist for brightening up my weekend of blizzards. 

Please check out the works of the artists that created this journal skin that I absolutely love, too! 

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
Vintage Music brushes by Scully7491
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  • Eating: Disorderly
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First Feature of the Year

Sun Jan 12, 2014, 9:13 AM
I live in a place which is still reeling from the "polar vortex." This is my first time writing about it in the social media. I didn't post pictures of my backyard with snow piled up in hillocks, my patio rails where two feel of snow stopped me from watching the squirrels, no screenshots of weather reports, no playing the "whose winter is biggest?" game.

I spent some of the winter in California and Arizona where the weather was beautiful. Mostly blue skies, temperatures ranging from 75-55...a floating frangipani sun. I also went to Utah where my home is and watched a very frozen lake and tall snow capped mountains from my living room. Then I was back in Michigan to start teaching a new semester. Over here, the January-May span is called the winter (not spring) semester. I don't mind the snow and ice and cold as much as the related challenges of dangerous driving/walking conditions, frozen pipes and everyone being sick all over campus with flu like symptoms. 

I will try to be present and post more features until my premium membership runs out. I have decided not to renew it. Recent issues with :devart: customer support as well as bugs on my page (unrelated incidents I am sure) have made me rethink my attachment to and support of this website. 

Anyway, today's feature is on art that makes me happy and evokes other emotions perhaps more complex than happiness. An art for each month of 2014! 

Please look at the beautiful creations and show the artists some love.

Here's to a well deserved new year!

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  • Watching: The snow on rooftops
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  • Eating: Yummy Leftovers
  • Drinking: Tea

End of Fall

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 18, 2013, 1:19 PM

Fall is over in Western Michigan. Tornadoes, strong winds, dark clouds, frost and snow showers have engulfed us. I am looking out of my office window at the crisscrossing leafless branches and reflecting on the abstract art in nature. What do these branches, looking like monochromatic minimalist art, represent? Emptiness or fulfillment? Chaos or order? Loneliness or intricate networks? 

Today I am featuring "fall," the season, known as "shorot," or autumn where I was growing up, through beautiful abstract art. The following are the winning entries and entries that received honorable mention in :iconabstract-painting:'s fall contest.

And the following are fall themed art from :iconabstract-painting:'s administrators, as well as from my favorites folder. Please note that in some cases the artists did not designate their art to be connected to fall in any way, but when I looked at their art, I saw fall in the joy, the colors, the festivity. 


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  • Reading: Student Assignments
  • Watching: The world outside get darker and darker
  • Playing: Nice
  • Eating: Lentil crackers
  • Drinking: Miso soup

Fall Art and Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 1:14 PM
It is fall, and the leaves are changing color. The fluffy white clouds in a brilliant blue sky reminds of autumns of my childhood, in a different continent oceans away. To celebrate this beautiful season of festivals, goddesses, ghosts and art, here is a feature showcasing art in warm, brilliant colors. 

Also, our group :iconabstract-painting: is holding a contest. Please participate and spread the word around. Both traditional and digital works eligible! New Abstract Art Contest
UPDATE  - Contest Closed: Judging in Progress.

Candycorn - Free Divider by etNoirButterfly in the bottle - Free avatar by Lucinhae
Attention: Contest Ends in Three Days! Do You Have Any Old or New Fall Themed Abstract Art? If So, Now's the Time to Enter. See Rules Below.
Candycorn - Free Divider by etNoirButterfly in the bottle - Free avatar by LucinhaeCandycorn - Free Divider by etNoirButterfly in the bottle - Free avatar by LucinhaeCandycorn - Free Divider by etNoirButterfly in the bottle - Free avatar by Lucinhae
Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123
:iconabstract-painting: invites you to participate in a brand new, fall themed contest. Paint something that expresses fall, the season, in the abstract and submit it in our fall contest folder. Contest begins today and will go on for a month, until the midnight of November 1, 2013.
There are no first, second or third prizes, but three

 Enjoy these beautiful works of art and hope your week is going well. It's all downhill from here! 

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  • Watching: Sunlight become the color of leaves.
  • Playing: Nice
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Updates, Downdates.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 15, 2013, 1:06 PM

The reason for my prolonged absence and significantly less "deviance" has been my new tenure track asst. professorial job. Someone recently addressed me as an ass. professor. I sincerely hope that that was a typo. Typos can beembarrassing. I bet I didn't get two of my favorite jobs (all of them in the Southwest) due to a typo I made in some application letters. Saying I teach "curses" on gender and new media doesn't look good for apotential employee. I missed the "u" somehow. So I ended up in the Midwest.

I am now in Michigan, working at a new job, a long distance marriage and some academicpublications. Have not been able to visit :devart: so much or create new art myself. I did try to keep my group :iconabstract-painting: running and the all beautiful abstract art submitted there kept my spirits high. Thank you, artists!

Here is a selection ofthe ones I absolutely loved.
:thumb340715967: Pin Flower by AlaaAboAbah One by imadias Soundwave by San-T Beethoven Due Sonatine by GeorgieDeeArt FOWL FRAGMENTS by chestrockwell69 Mechanical Synapses by JohnPaulHunter I have seen the future by midgardart #5 by ArttuJokela

The "new" life gets exhausting sometimes and I take refuge in art.Whetherin museums or deviantart, looking at good art is therapeutic. My city hosts one of the biggest public art exhibitions and competition ever and I cannot wait for it to

Also, I love the general community enthusiasm and awareness around local art, locally sourced food and locally owned businesses here. I recently went to a street art fair, and emboldened by a recent salary disbursement, bought some original art. It felt very good. I might commission someone to create some art for me that represents "Arizona," in the near future. Yes, I miss the desert a lot and the state where I spent six years. I miss the tall mountains in Utah and my home there, which I couldn't live in for too long. But I want to give Michigan a shot. Plus there's always the possibility of flying toSioux city, Iowa some day and say "Going from GRR to SUX!" on my facebook status. Nothing like humor and art to fill the gaps and gaffes in my life.

Hope you are having a great Sunday and let me know what you've been up to! Don't forget to show the featured artists some love! :happybounce:

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Featuring Storm Art

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 7:26 AM

Our group :iconabstract-painting: organized a contest where entries were sought for storm themed art. The following are the winning entries. In terms of interpretation and execution, these deserve a round of applause. Please check out the winners' galleries for some mind-blowing art, you won't be disappointed.

:iconpaulmaguire:'s 130430 (storm II) by PaulMaguire
:iconsan-t:'s Winds by San-T
:iconoffermoord:'s 3rd eye of the storm by offermoord

Here are administrator entries. We did not enter the contest, but I think our art deserves a bit of recognition.
Cerebral storm by HelaLe:thumb317641311: FANTASIA II by ARTBYTERESA Inner Storms and Things by Dreamydeb

Happy Sunday everyone. I am off to New York soon for a break involving good food, art, and urban hiking. Yes, I can go there again without feeling that big blue-grey cloud hovering above my hopeless head. And its my anniversary today. For those interested in night-sky-watching and/or astronomy, watch the sky after sunset today for a vision not to be seen again until 2026: Jupiter, Venus and Mercury coming together, real close, in the west-northwest evening sky!

CSS and background by derelictvampire
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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 29, 2013, 9:48 AM

So you can now call me a doctor, once in a while. I wouldn't treat patients but teach students, not diagnose diseases but data. Above all, I remain a storyteller and an artist-in-the-becoming. I haven't become so many things; don't really like the finality associated with that.

I do miss my old campus, all the hustle bustle and skateboard noises and conversations and peals of laughter and the melodious chimes heard in every corner of the campus telling time. I miss the student organization tables, advocating for racial justice, gun control and anti-bullying, existing in the same afternoon as religious groups trying to save us from going to hell because we are/support gays, feminists and immigrants. There is something timeless about college/university campuses, the mixing of ideas with ideas like colors on a palette, the mixing of old and new, the acts of starting over not unlike furiously painting over a canvas of shapes, hues and textures that bind us to a past that must be buried.

I worked in the "corporate" sector, I worked as a journalist, while constantly missing the feel of a college campus. I kept coming back. I couldn't keep my addiction to learn under check, and while I like self-learning I like learning and working together too. I like the interaction and the silences of classrooms, the insights and challenges. Thankfully, looks like I'll just transition from campuses that were my graduate schools to those where I'll teach as a professor.

This semester, being the last one in the doctoral program, I taught online. I stayed in my Utah home, that has a view of a lake and tall, snow-capped mountains, and taught over 400 students. The beautiful view outside made up for the hours of staring into the computer screen. Nate, my husband, pampered in all sorts of ways. I don't really like working from home, but it is fun to, for a change, not be in a long-distance marriage and spend quality time with him.

I'll continue to spend time on :devart: and be fascinated by all the beautiful art and artists that enrich and color my life. The following is a selection from my favorites folder, that I gathered as I this overwhelming semester progressed. Please show these artists some love :D

Cyrcle by MiSt-Stavi fraying around the edges by anuvys Lipstick. by mylittlebluesky What an ancient canvas by thrak The Forest Nymph by QueenRobert Winni Childrens Museum Mural Tile: Sunny Day by emilysodders:thumb302818641: The Mermaid and the Lanterns by allyhodges

Finally, some graduation themed art, one of them, my own.

Graduation Cap and Diploma by JMarcDodsonJr 12. Graduation Cap by midnightgates Graduation Rat by SucittarSucivron Flying Colors by Dreamydeb: a cap by cerenomi

Stay well, everyone, :icongreenheartplz:

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The Joys of Eclectic Taste

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 13, 2013, 12:01 AM
Between job interviews, putting final touches to my doctoral dissertation, teaching and curriculum development, this year started out very busy. I might not be able to create anything until spring break.

However, I am happy to present a collection of delightful art from my favorites folder. Hope you like them, and show the artists your appreciation!

Autumn by JCallius all charms fly by green-olivine Summer Memories by susanjrobinson Forest scenery by N-o-B Color Factory by pachecris girl with a red umbrella by takmaj Drowning into the color haze by anaPhenix May I have this Waltz? by SrSilversky Love of the winter solstice by Sherry-L:thumb326140265: Golden Autumn [For Sale] by TreeCree W-out 0142 ' Des diron derex ' by W-out

I just learned that facetious is the only word  only word in English where all the five vowels are placed in the alphabetical order. Very important info for a scrabble buff like me.

I also re-learned that I am extremely upset by news, to be driven to depression. So, like a perfectly self centered self-preserving animal, I have decided not to watch or listen to any for a while.

I hope to be back soon with more art, writings and journal entries. Meanwhile, savor the beginning of yet another year, and please stay in touch!

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  • Reading: My chapters and finishing final edits
  • Watching: The snowy Wasatch mountains from my window
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Hard to log a dream inside a dream inside a dream. Especially when, at one point there was strange simultaneity.

It happens to me now and then.

                                                                                                                          Abnormal Desire by Dreamydeb

Today is 12.12.12. The next date with three identical numerals will be January 1, 2101. I was thinking, I won't be around to see it. Meanwhile
December 21st is the day "the world will end." If that were really the case, how would you spend the rest of your days? I know I'd want to travel a lot. With a few people in my life that I love more than my life.

NASA says that the origin of this particular doomsaying "started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 -- hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012." It also says: The world will not end in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012."

                                                                                                                          Butterflyish Satellite by Dreamydeb

I saw the International Space Station traversing the sky at a steady space last evening. Gave me the chills.

This, gave me the chills too:… How wonderful!

Okay, I am all over the place today. Has to be a 12.12.12 effect. Please enjoy this feature, drawn from my favorites folder. The common theme is just that, I love these artworks. And at this time of the semester with all the grading and heightened academic performances, going through my favorites folder makes me happy. If they make you happy too, please tell that to the artists!

Mystic garden by Monaco29 Up N Over by pachecris Pet Bee by AnemicAngel Christmas by Sabbelbina Stormy Night by sc-fallenstarr MB3D_0356_hd by 0Encrypted0:thumb336441713: 105 by StudioUndertheMoon Turkish Delight by iuliasan Ivy by wordconvict summer sun by kellymn Watching The Sun Set by BenjaminForsell walking home in the afternoon by kierando Flying Free by Azuh-ra-el Vesna by Ludifico A STEP WITHOUT TRACE I by crazymynd jhnbhgtyhjuhjuytghy by santosam81 full moon by Enigma-thats-me

Oh, also, :star:Happy Holidays!:star: :D Let me know what you are doing this time of the year.


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I am back, seeking refuge in art. My days and nights have collapsed into a grey web of 12 point calibri fonts. But finally, I am done writing my doctoral dissertation. It is now over 60000 words.

I am featuring two forms of charming creativity that made taking breaks from work delightful: abstract art and literature. I personally thank each of these artists for the pleasure and restlessness they provided.
Transitioning Winds by San-T light and color by Dan-Tocher tunnels collab finished by ruthcouldbe by crazyruthie Autamn forest by vivist Going for the Home Team by mutequacky fishbones by koyamori Glass Spiral by ChaosFissure Low Tide 11 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt Cellular Business by undefinedreference

:thumb314133205: Prepare to.. exit tranquillityPrepare to..
It’s as if peace has left us.
Chaos sneaks upon me as I wake up,
I Slowly but surely walk towards the front door.
Open her only to embrace the still silent darkness,
No birds singing, nor a single word uttered.
A final swift, brief moment of tranquillity.
It’s only 04:45am, perhaps a bit early,
for the city to wake from its slumber.
I proceed with caution,
As a thief in the night
Walking these trusted darkened streets
They are otherwise crowded and unlikable.
Tourists swarm together, flocking like seagulls, 
Removing every shred of its former serenity.
But not now at 05:00am in the deep morning glory.
I reach the marketplace,
Desolate, abandoned, not a single soul to detect,
Only the sound of the wind howling through the many streets.
I can think, come to peace during my morning routine.
Though alas it’s not a thing that lasts long
I cherish every minute,
Savour its sweet taste, inhale its fresh air
Smell its unpolluted perfume.
Satin AshesPurple ashes of spindled satin
play with the porcelain gales -
plastered upon the
       painted picket boards.
Skipping through the trees
and smiling upon the valleys;
by the canyon's moaning throat.
But when the wind blows slow
she will drift away in a coffin boat
all the way to her far off -
Lighthouse Home.
:thumb317649479: graceI unfold my paper skin with the magic indentations pulling along my spine.  the veins free themselves like small moths finally meeting light.  I am dripping the sour mold of my insides all over the carpet, and I don't feel anything, least of all do I feel you.  for falling from grace is like an act in the theatre:  everyone is watching, and wondering what will happen, but at the same time, no one sees it the way you do.  no one sees you when you sit huddled beneath curtains, whispering and crossing your fingers behind your back.  they will watch you smile at girls who pass by and imagine that you are as strong as you look.  they imagine you as something cold and hard, something alcoholic, brittle and seething. you have a face.   they cannot see you when you crumple in the bathroom stall at work, fanning out your hands to cover your face as tears become mirrored objects, strangely multiplying as your fa A Matter of Time
A Matter of Time
You think Sandy's got vengeance in its eyes?
You see vengeance everywhere don’t you?
In the fast, wet winds churning around your Queens apartment
In the lightning flashes on Ocean Parkway where we walked once like a
Couple of refugees.
The waves will be taller than you, they’re saying
But I imagine you sitting on a grey dock somewhere
Oblivious of official warnings
Your dark wavy hair sticking to your forehead of scattered lies
And losses,
Your hard, careless body framed in endless brine.
I might not be allowed to love you anymore
But the rules of capturing, consuming and catenating happen to be
As fluid as that road where water now rushes in the direction of
Gaping news cameras.
If you think Sandy’s got vengeance in its eyes
Why don’t you stop hiding behind words and walls and webs
And have a staring contest with me?
Debjani Chakravarty 2012
parliament is a playgroundfor men in their suits; when the greatest power is abused, what hope do we have?
we've been made into patchwork dummies; rag dolls with one too many amendments, where we readily swap health for vanity; a heart for money- freedom for power.
let's be followers, blind to the exploitation.
we're lead by technology, as the media heads our soul's campaigns, where subliminal messages are etched into the first line of our qwerty keyboards.
1. ability or capacity to do something
2. (often plural) a specific ability, capacity, or faculty
3. political, financial, social, etc., force or influence.

it's a living desire; an infatuation. proof that we are constructed from the same blueprint; yet with our one vital flaw. passed down the curvature of our dna makeup; a central force, fuelling feuds between humanity.
successfully, we've evolved into becoming followers of the worst sense; blissfully allowing our ignorance to flow freely, as we vote for cowboys to rule the country.
Glasses of MilkCome back now.
Be what you once were,
brown and chafed with sun and sand,
to find me here, where I have waited over-long.
Give me your dirty hand.
We will eat cookies till our faces freckle with crumbs.
We will blow bubbles in tall glasses of milk
till we overflow, then tumble like puppies
till we bloody our knees.
Like joy, we will burble and rise.

I couldn't help but stick one of mine in there, it got a DD and I am thrilled with the awesome post structural realization that that means perhaps a lot and perhaps nothing.  With so many great artists and writers around, the possibility of  a day's fame seems pretty improbable. But it happened.

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

I have also been bequeathed a group, and some wonderful artists joined the team to run it collectively. Please visit/watch :iconabstract-painting: I am really proud of our collections.

Here is a sampling of our new team-members' works: :thumb313930957: INTO THE LIGHT by ARTBYTERESA first firework photos ! by loobyloukitty Come to the abstract world (Autumn) II by HelaLe

Thanks and keep creating!

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Beautiful Abstracts~~~

Fri May 4, 2012, 5:10 PM
I just finished all my grading for the semester. No more teaching for three, almost four months! No more scrambling out of biking clothes to change into semi-formals and walking over to the social sciences building, wondering unfailingly, almost every time, why high heels must make so much noise! No more stimulating class discussions, class preps, office hours. I am actually going to miss all that. My students were great this semester.

Outside, the campus looks deserted. Only a few students in their graduation garbs taking pictures against the gorgeous flowers growing over the library gate. The lawns are a striking shimmering green, the shadows of the palms are growing taller. I cannot imagine a time when I won't be in this office, being constantly distracted by the flow of life framed by the large windows. Eating, drinking, napping here. And working, of course.  I might've spent more time here than in my apartment.

Strange how, driven by a desire to be transgressive, and being that a little, I am still, like everyone else, a creature of habit. With comfort zones. And triple standards.

But it's the end of yet another workday. What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer, especially on a First Friday (, than abstract art? Here are some beautiful ones that caught my eye recently. The new trend in abstracts on :devart: seems to be abstract photography.

Alaska by choconutjo Maze 2 by DPasschier Black Mountain Bridge by Talescaper Impressions by MagicalPoliceBox:thumb271371223: Moth by CrimzonLogic
Gold Whips by Arany-Photography Mediter sur les Fleurs by Suinaliath Rorschach Experiment 01 by Art-of-Eric-Wayne And The Wind Blows... by black-dicefish Stained Glass 20 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt:thumb289180042:

Please, visit these deviants' galleries and show them some appreciation!

Happy weekend! :iconyellowheartplz:

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  • Reading: Literature on dA
  • Watching: The shadows grow longer
  • Playing: .......nice (always an effort ; )
  • Eating: Tamales
  • Drinking: Hot Mocha

Lovely Literature and Other Updates

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2012, 4:21 PM
Some happy things have happened these past few days, notwithstanding the "Happy Tree Friends" styled world right now. I don't read much news any more. What I am reading a lot is post colonial theory, in a bid to write a particular dissertation chapter, more O. Henry prize winning short stories, Tagore poems that flow like blood in my veins and literature on :devart:

I am really excited that literature has finally gained some visibility here. More DDs  are being given in literature. I urge everyone to nominate literature for DDs to :iconbeccajs: and :iconikazon:, and visit here :icondailylitdeviations: to read and nominate quality literature.

On to things that made me happy, things that tugged at my spandex bodysuit of skepticism, sadness and reluctant adulthood.

1. I am halfway done with my dissertation, that PhD looks possible. Perhaps by the end of this year if not earlier. 2. I like the class I am teaching and my students in it. It's good to challenge and be challenged by them. 3. I started uploading some of my poems on dA and received two DLDs 4. No cervical cancer, tests concluded! 5. The weather in the desert is lovely. 6. I had an opportunity to listen to bell hooks and Noam Chomsky in person! 7. I feed stray kitties and they hang out in my backyard. I lot of them were suspicious before but now they let me scratch and play with them. 8. I might go home this summer. 9. Someone proposed to me last weekend and I said yes. So that makes me, uhm, engaged. Societal labels and customs dictating relationships never meant much to me. But for many reasons,  especially the loving, stable, simple, cerebral person involved, this gesture of commitment made me happy. It was a surprise, took place in the mountains surrounded by desert foliage, chilly winds, under a warm blue sky with some coyotes howling in the distance. We spent that night camping, watching a ridiculous amount of stars, eating sushi and drinking wine.

Anyway, enough confessions. I want to showcase some literature this time. Please support these word-artists! (I also posted two of my poems, I know, I know, primal vanity).

Just a DayHanded down from soul to soul
To see what fit and kept a hold
Of me: a mangled personality
I forgot to label meanings
to certain people, hectic feelings
So through the day I walk confused
While wind and rain went on abusing
All the people, all the feelings
Blotching color on walls and ceilings
Darkness scatters overhead
and my intuition somehow says
That even though the night looks blue
It's just a day, just a mood
We're all just slaves to waves of truth.

Mature Content

Death and despair
Please sweet death come down on me!
Touch me with your black wings
And set my fire free!
Take me to the depths of hell,
Take me to heaven,
I don’t care,
It’s all the same,
It’s all well!

Why do you call for me?
Why should I end your life?
Is there any reason for me?
Is there even a reason for thee?

Oh please sweet death,
Embrace me with black fire,
Take me to another place up higher!
There’s no reason for me to live on,
It went all so wrong!

You little child,
Don’t demand such things from me,
I won’t do you this favour.
It’s not your time to go with me!

But please my dear friend,
It should,
No it must end!
Take me with you on the eternal flight,
Give me the kiss,
It is my right!

You are too young to understand,
The meaning of life and death
My friend!
I can’t kill people as I please,
I’m not doing this with ease!

You have to help me
Or I’ll gamble
What Are You Looking For?Color me in shades of insanity
Throw me out, tear me apart
Turn my mind with your creativity
Cut me open, where to start?
You see me in shades of gray
You ignore my tears, my pain.
You're picking me apart these days.
Looking inside...
What are you trying to find?
Seasons Winter
The colors are blanched,
and the song of limbs worn out.
Now the leaves will mourn.
Prime in her time, she
carries the buds to
warmth in her bosom.
the fire ball sent strokes of heat
to others below.
Lovingly the cold
will whisper lullabies to
newborn shades of red.
An Ode to FearWe seem to spend our lives in fear,
Too scared to start yet failure rear,
It's head and hand us cold defeat,
To think we'll fail, ourselves we cheat!
Tales of Icarus in fall,
Fill minds and hearts and views, so small!
But be reminded, for his sins,
Flight's not reserved for gods and kings.
Like Icarus we oft stand now,
On precipice, with eyes cast down.
Yet find the heart to make that leap,
And maybe glory's yours to keep?
To feel the wind rush through our hair,
To show our hearts up high, un-scared,
To quell our fear is to succeed,
To soar on wings of a mind freed!
:thumb265016755::thumb271226216: Velvet MomentPetals once soft as skin.
Tinted pink with a blush.
A sweet gift,
now shriveled and brown.
Slipping through finger tips.
As for you, SR
So Here's the Deal....
Your laugh lines
Must lead somewhere
Your patience
Like smooth Malbec
Must hold its breath
Now and then
Your black waves of desert brush
Waiting for curious fingers
Must want to be licked hard
By restless orange flames
That "twinkle" in your eyes
(Endears you to people they say)
Might be masked flash of conniption
Considering all possibilities
And incongruencies
(Of things such as my childlike smile
that you once pointed out)
You should be restrained
Chained to that tree
Of art, knives, whips, and time.
© Debjani Chakravarty 2012
Delicious Delirium
You are the land I'm dispossessed from
You are my right arm that was blown away
As I lay in ambush
On fragrant rain-mixed mud
Of the trenches you dug
The flavors changed from earth to iron
The colors, tan to red
Dark river red
The mud, now crimson-brown sticks to me... look
Can you see, this, your war ruptures
On me?
I don't want to crawl out of this long narrow hole
Keep raining on me. Wash some of me away.
All right? I know you can be kind
© Debjani Chakravarty 2012
GlobalizationIf we hadn't drawn
Lines on the earth
By sizes of their pieces
Kings measured their worth
Cheap factories and services
consumption in upward direction
Tarrifs and armies of men, for
trade and perimeter protection
Historic mistakes all
made hand over fist
A word like globalization
should'nt even exist

Finally, look at these words and pictures hovering between insanity and lucidity, literary and graphic, you and me ! They make me dizzy, dazed, dazzled.


Take care and depending on your tastes and power, lighten or darken up your corner of reality. The former, to note clearly every blade of grass, every dew drop, the latter to make sure you don't miss a single star. Embrace that alone-ness that tells you who you are.

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Permanent Absence

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 6:27 PM

"But".... they said "he was old."

I know they're trying to be nice, to be comforting. But it's precisely because he was so "old" and so "present" that I couldn't or cannot imagine his absence, now permanent.

It won't be easy going back home, knowing that my grandpa isn't waiting for me, seated on his easy-chair, armed with some reading materials, a magnifying glass and lots of questions. For many many years, seeing him, talking endlessly, trading information, sarcasm, and wit, touching his papery skin, basking in the glow of his slantingly cast pride formed an important part of going home.

He taught me how to count, and add and subtract, and read. And how not to chew on a little hardbound book of poems, but instead appreciate Tennyson and Shelley and Wordsworth who inhabited its pages. I was five. May be six.

I really didn't think he'd just go. And I'd have to be in a state of shock thousands of miles away.

But life goes on, because it must. Here's wishing everyone a bearable and perhaps even happy 2012. The following are some wonderful works I recently added to my favorites folder. Art makes it easier, as always.

Defiance by HelaLe Poppies5 by florescu primary by kismetora:
deceiving emptiness by Tellaine Viljandi in Autumn by Keltu the rain forest by merpagigglesnort
Lock up your childhood by The-Nanette-O Los Arcos by BLDRDSH The Flying Parade by bramLeech
GARDEN SERIES III by ARTBYTERESA Green portal by N-o-B Sunset by amyhooton

Abstractee2 by animkerala

And finally, something that took my breath away this afternoon...


Thanks for reading and keep creating!

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~~~Joyful Art~~~

Thu Dec 15, 2011, 9:50 PM
As the waves of winter wash over us, here is a list of things that bring me joy  :iconyellowheartplz:
Colorful socks and scarves; free time at the end of the semester (no more teaching or grading for a while, time to talk to old friends, make art, discover new music, travel, to give a break to frozen entrees and eat cooked food), giving and receiving thoughtful gifts; silhouettes of bare trees at sunset; snow on top of the mountains; playing in the snow; cold sunny days in the desert; winter thunderstorms; road trips; hanging out with friends over holiday cocktails (someone recently made salted caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream vodka for me, heavenly feelings but huge hangover); graduation and holiday parties; and last but not the least, ART. Making and enjoying. Towards that end, I picked out some festive/winter/seasonal  themed art from my favorites folder for everyone to enjoy. In the midst personal of crises (oh yes, what else can BE constant?) and reports of inhuman horrors in and of the world, I embrace art even more tightly, to escape and engage, forget and remember. To maintain balance and perform adulthood that never really suited me well.
california winter by merpagigglesnort Christmas by IriaSeraph Merry Christmas by distantlullabies Winter Lush by amyhooton Winter Sunset by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov suppchristmas? by chesterbandme Across the Seasons by klbailey Frozen dreams by Monaco29 Sleep Tight by Cloudpoppie:thumb258691083: heads up by Enigma-thats-me calm reflection by zach84 when the ice is melting by scheinbar Edifice.. by M-Atif-Saeed

Happy Holidays everyone!:glomp:

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  • Drinking: Key Lime Tea with Lime Juice and Honey

Enduring Inspiration VI/Time and Space

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 14, 2011, 11:26 PM
Another fall. With a river of memories flowing within me, memories like fall leaves on turquoise water, a river that turns into orange liquid glass at sunset. A river that hides from the sunrise of truth and what's loosely known as reality. A river that only flows at purple twilights, under blinking stars. Has it really been a year since I took that urban hike and discussed Hegel? Has it really been a year since someone held me tight enough to make me not feel the wintry breeze? Has it really been a year (almost) from that terrifying accident, the one that happened on a road in Tempe. There have been others, within me, bloodless and silent. But an interesting concept.

Anyway, fall in the desert is a real respite, from the merciless heat and the scary dust storms. It means some rain, cold nights, breezy days. It also means mid-sem anxiety in me and my students, dilemma over winter and Thanksgiving travel plans, missing home 8000 miles away as they, in turn, light rows of festival lamps wishing I were there.

I haven't been able to write a journal entry in a real long time. Life caught up, life of my choosing and while it's delightful to be doing teaching and research and writing, I am also nearing the completion of my PhD and things are getting more and more uncertain. I am trying not to think about the elusive future.

Meanwhile there's always art: soothing, stimulating breathtaking art that keeps me afloat. I have been meaning to do a themed art display on my journal for a long time. To that end, I have grouped art under the themes of "space" and "time" and "space and time." These are deviations from my favorites folder and I hope you enjoy these beautiful creations that filled my mind with helpless, unadulterated pleasure.

Frugality's Shadows by sideffected Poison green by spiggo Salvador Time by Sparrow667 Burning Borders by LizWymark:thumb100673447: Frame Rebellion by Tibodo Synesthesia by PaintMyWorldRainbow Timeless by junkmadi Toxic Drop by jvrichardson:thumb227135869: Once Upon a Time... by MSpaintdog Origin of Time by BLDRDSH

neo cubism by oblivionhaze:thumb259530774: Shopping in Kapstadt by loew-art What I Do in Class 2 by AthelLoren-wardancer kolkata in the heat by chintamani88:thumb180091130: outside.insider.PRINT by betteo:thumb176254256::thumb216909977::thumb207362149: Soul Stice by KellyDelRosso Vacances by ConnyLu

Time and Space
Aurora Borealis by florescu gentle madness by Enigma-thats-me Primordial Self by Astral-Haze bike and broken doorway by brandybuck growth. by liz2e Small Manifold by misterwackydoodle Vermillion Dandelion by Humble-Novice Cycle of life by fashioneyes:thumb186809696: Rapture by sagittariusgallery Entropy 06 by drewschermick

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E n d u r i n g I n s p i r a t i o n P a r t V

Journal Entry: Tue May 17, 2011, 3:16 PM
Today's featured stars are uniquely talented, each one with a special style, form and medium of creation. They are honest, prolific, passionate artists with endless creativity. I want to thank them for their exquisite art---art that restores sanity and stirs insanity. Art that moves and makes still. Art that mends and bends and alights fire in and washes over my senses like pure spring water. A special thank you to my friends among you who always stand by me across time and space. I have never been in therapy, and in those days and months I should have, I immersed myself in art instead. My gratitude,  for artists that uplifted me and pulled me out and  touched me indelibly is therefore, of a very different and special order.

:iconsubhankar-biswas: Who can make portraits like him? :D
cheesecake 02 by subhankar-biswas Antonie van Leeuwenhoek by subhankar-biswas tahiti by subhankar-biswas pose 02 by subhankar-biswas

:iconelvireclev: Thread Sorceress
4 elements en 8 - 4 Elements in 8 pieces by ElvireClev Peyotl de Feu - Peyote Fire by ElvireClev Volcan psychedelique - Psychedelic Volcano by ElvireClev Renaissance - Rebirth by ElvireClev

:iconadolin-of-light: Amazing pencil and other works
Mind of a Woman by Adolin-of-Light The Perfect Earrings by Adolin-of-Light:thumb97797174: Hand with Glass by Adolin-of-Light

:iconglazeanna: Who can make unique abstracts like her?
Brain by GlazeAnna Blossoming Water - inverted by GlazeAnna The Singing of the Grasses by GlazeAnna What you see... - inverted by GlazeAnna

:iconordinaryfella: Anything but ordinary
101 rather small paintings 38 by OrdinaryFella Crash by OrdinaryFella 101 rather small paintings 17 by OrdinaryFella Limitations by OrdinaryFella

:iconmspaintdog: Who can use MS Paint like him?
Blues Sunset by MSpaintdog Winter Remembers Summer by MSpaintdog And unto all things...... by MSpaintdog Death of Summer by MSpaintdog

I feel privileged to feature such divergent talent. Please take a look at their galleries and I bet you'll be as amazed and inspired as I continue to remain. Have a good week.


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E n d u r i n g I n s p i r a t i o n IV

Journal Entry: Fri May 6, 2011, 11:24 PM
Today, I am showcasing some of my favorite abstract artists on :devart: Abstract art touches me like almost no other form and delivery can. Abstract art hits me in the face, stops me in my tracks. It does something to me. Like some people's words do. Recently Angela Davis visited our campus, talked about the prison industrial complex and the future of democracy. Made my hair stand up. Among other things, she quoted Ntozake Shange. " A poem should happen to you like cold water or a kiss", she said. Abstract art happens to me like that. Like cold water or a kiss or a bee sting or a shooting star. You remember the moment. You live intensely in it. You want to talk about it. You want others to see, know, understand, be amazed or envious.

Creating abstract art has often been like trying to drown pain in a sea of colors where the pain will eventually float to the surface, defiant and unrelenting. It will define the art, and remind me that I must make peace with the inevitable. Looking at abstract art will place me in moments dangerously balanced between agitation and calm, order and anarchy, euphoria and melancholia. I owe parts of me to art, abstract art. Here's a tribute to artists on :devart: that make and unmake me.

:iconartbycher: :thumb188385840::thumb186208682::thumb178211800:
:iconeyepilot13: Delicious Algae 1a by eyepilot13 W21295 by eyepilot13 Ampilio-A by eyepilot13
:iconpoetkanna: :thumb202491810::thumb205086064::thumb200905910:
:icondrewschermick: Entropy 06 by drewschermick Do to me What has been Done to by drewschermick blue 02 by drewschermick
:icondoktah74: strawbz by doktah74 starburst2 by doktah74 amazon triptik 2 by doktah74
:iconeddiebadapples: Head Games by eddiebadapples Blood drop capture by eddiebadapples Atlas beneath the gears by eddiebadapples
:icondusanmalobabic: : At the Cafe by DusanMalobabic :thumb98521390::thumb154733125:
:iconbldrdsh: Elysium by BLDRDSH Grown Up Schroeder by BLDRDSH Creature by BLDRDSH
:iconideviant: Warholian palette test by IDeviant My psychedelic webs by IDeviant One hundred into twenty-five by IDeviant

Thanks to each one of you, for the times you inspired my with your art, encouraged me with your words and  by faving and watching my work, and for the moments of pure living when I connected with your work and wanted to remain "there."

Here is a delightful selection from artists I have featured before: Chinta, Kory, Peg, Amy, Chris and Merpa.
heat by chintamani88 borderline by junetown Losing Love by peggymintun Meteor Blast by amyhooton YGG by misterwackydoodle golden indulgence by merpagigglesnort

Previous Features……

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E n d u r i n g I n s p i r a t i o n III

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 27, 2011, 4:28 PM
Today's feature is on six artists. Two photographers, two digital artists and two traditional artists. They produce delightful work and have supported and inspired me in various ways.

:iconphotog: Dave was my first watcher, and supported my work for years. He is not as regular on :devart: but I do want to thank him for being there.

October 13th image - Ride by photog Fountain by photog Grain elevators in Nanton by photog Apple Orchard by photog

:icon33m: A wonderful photographer and community member! Always encouraging my art, and supporting other artists. I :heart: her work!

:thumb175234412::thumb200888946: The Camera As Artist by 33M:thumb203535111:

:iconsparrow667: He has always supported my art and provided constructive comments. I hope you're back soon with more amazing art, Sparrow~~

Thinking Machine by Sparrow667 Psychedelic Catherdral by Sparrow667 Waves Of Pleasure by Sparrow667 Nine Fallen Suns by Sparrow667

:iconjunetown: Kory once said "i think we're like abstract digital art soul-mates." :D

R1 by junetown Goblin God by junetown Only a glimpse. by junetown garden by junetown

:iconwatercolorbyvivi: Vivi's work is absolutely delightful! She is a prolific artist and a happy person.


:iconandandreaarted: Andrea is so talented! I wish she'd upload more art soon!
out loud close up 3 by andandreaarted crumpled by andandreaarted sharing life by andandreaarted chubby turtle by andandreaarted

Some of the featured artists are taking a break from :devart:, something I have done now and then. Things happen, life takes over and overwhelms one in a sea of to-dos. Creating art and being on deviantart seem like a distant dream. I want to thank all my featured artists for their amazing creativity and for the wonderful moments I have spent happily submerged in their art.

Please look at the earlier features here:……

I will be back with a fresh new feature on my favorite abstract artists next Wednesday, until then, happy artbeats!

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E n d u r i n g I n s p i r a t i o n Part II

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 20, 2011, 4:53 PM

I am featuring six stars: six prolific artists who are not just endlessly talented, they are also, always, supportive of my work, and me :D They understand the meaning of community, they believe in being connected, they are above petty artistic elitism that creates value through exclusion. I want to thank you for creating art that touched me in so many ways, elated me, motivated me to keep creating semblance of art despite intense time and energy demands of a PhD program.

I like this new skin [created by :iconyurii-the-yoyo:] Let me know if you think it's detracting from the content too much. The moon reminds of a recent hike I took, under a full moon, on a moonlit trail with dark mountains surrounding me and the winking of city lights far away.....quite a surreal experience. We camped for the night, watched a large, orange moon set over the distant city, behind some hills as the eastern sky began to turn a light turquoise. This was around 4:30 AM.

Ok, back to the artists. You can find the first feature in this series here…

Peggy :iconpeggymintun: One of my MOST favorite abstract artists, of ALL TIME.

Losing Love 9 by peggymintun BLWCE4-SG by peggymintun I Use To... by peggymintun Outside My Window by peggymintun Spectrum Of Tactileness by peggymintun

Amy: :iconamyhooton: The queen of color, radiates warmth, lights up my mind.

The Cone and Fox Fur Nebula by amyhooton Eagle eye by amyhooton Night view over the loch by amyhooton Mimir's Well by amyhooton Orange Hen by amyhooton

Peggy and Amy's Collab :D Autumn Swirling Springing Flat by amyhooton

Sam :iconsantosam81: Creates incessantly. Owns :iconartsweetart: A great group.

spirals are red now... by santosam81 fille afghane 1028 by santosam81 san cosmopollock tos by santosam81 urjrjrhrjfhdjdjdndjdkflo by santosam81 2350 yellow-green textile by santosam81

Marina:icondistantlullabies: She makes me happy~~ Equally at home with MSPaint and watercolors.

don't forget... by distantlullabies Lux from Bellatrix by distantlullabies Sadie by distantlullabies Free by distantlullabies

Gloria, just look at how much beauty she created! :iconglunac:

Chris, :iconmisterwackydoodle: I :heart: his art, AND our conversations over time across space ~~~~

Pregnant Waveform by misterwackydoodle Duckies O the Eighth Dimension by misterwackydoodle Touching A Flower by misterwackydoodle Self Portrait -- Pair of Hands by misterwackydoodle

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E n d u r i n g I n s p i r a t i o n Part I

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2011, 3:49 PM

No more narcissistic bulletins for a while. I have decided to make discomfort and displacement, insanity and temerity my allies. And there are always overwhelming waves of beauty, here, there and everywhere to wash it all down with. There are bodies to fill time and space, and words to wear and weep in. And movements of eyes and wrists to create art and/or pretense of art.

The purpose of this journal is to feature three friends. Three amazingly beautiful, incredibly talented women who inspire me to no end. My hope is I can become a little like them some day, create art that's half as good as theirs.

:iconchintamani88: Chinta: Amazing Abstracts

She was one of my very first watchers. I've known her as a traditional abstract artist, but of course, she has branched out in many other creative directions. She is SO amazing. Some of her "subjects"..if one can call them that, have personal significance for me and I am totally crazy about her work.

space 02 by chintamani88 happy in springtime by chintamani88 fun in the city by chintamani88 where are you now by chintamani88 heat by chintamani88 map II by chintamani88

:iconenigma-thats-me: Enigma: The Superwoman

One of my very first watchers. An amazing friend juggling multiple  personal and professional roles-including another graduate program that she started. In our last phone conversation, she was talking about how difficult it is becoming for her to create art. Time is always at a premium. I cherish her art as much as I cherish her support and I hope she can make time magically (nothing short of THAT can do it) to create more eternal vibrancy.

poppies again by Enigma-thats-me the GROOVE by Enigma-thats-me the WATERS by Enigma-thats-me Dunes by Enigma-thats-me MIDNIGHT MuSiC MaNiA by Enigma-thats-me red luscious by Enigma-thats-me

:iconmerpagigglesnort: Merpa: Prolific Exquisiteness

Merpa found me. I found her. In her usual enthusiasm and generosity she comforted me when I was undergoing a hard time akin to sitting on a harpoon, in sharp pain and dejection. She is no stranger to pain but she's decided that it need not have the last word. Creativity must. Not only does she create, A LOT......she enables everyone around her to do so. The membership that allowed me to feature my favorite artists' works was given to me by her after I won a coloring contest in this group :iconcreatecollaborations: I colored her lineart. I :heart: her work, and rarely have I come across such creativity and community spirit.

rapid cycling by merpagigglesnort:thumb186826866: wanna stop? by merpagigglesnort charlie sheen's brain by merpagigglesnort:thumb199340003::thumb203984106:

Please take a look at their galleries and perhaps you'll be as inspired by their varied and copious creativity as I am. I will continue featuring my wonderful friends on this journal.

  • Listening to: Chumbawamba
  • Reading: The Recent Asian Studies Catalogue from Routledge
  • Watching: A Desert Sky Change Colors Every Hour
  • Playing: Our Time Together Over and Over in My Head
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